Saturday, November 26, 2005

Antonio's Deli - A Slice of NYC in Downtown Lewiston

One place that I enjoy going for lunch is Antonio's New York Deli and Bakery. The food there is nicely priced, and it's quite good. Definitely a place like the ones I got used to in the Boston area, but right here at the end of downtown Lewiston. Nice.

For your convenience, and because they don't have these online, here is their current menu:

Overall: 4 pastrami sandwiches (it's hot)

Antonio's New York Deli and Bakery
29 Lisbon Street
Lewiston, ME

View From the Office

This is the view from one of my office windows. The shot is from a little earlier this year, before the snow.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

You know you're not in Cambridge anymore when...

You ask the person at the deli in the local market for pancetta for a recipe you want to prepare, and she has absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

I also noticed what I think is a conspiracy here of some kind... No Ronzoni dried pasta, found superior to the others by Cook's Illustrated (findings which I fully agree with).

Hiking at Thorncrag

After a very stormy, wet and windy October, I finally got to enjoy some lovely Fall weather last week. I went hiking through Thorncrag, a local bird sanctuary with my sister and her dog Tessie.

When I first moved back here, I did a quick loop on the yellow trail, something I hadn't done since I was a young kid. Unfortunately at the time, I didn't have a map and couldn't find one online so I wasn't able to really roam as much as wanted to. I've posted a copy of the map here, in this post so that future web browsers will be able to maybe find it. Click the map to get the larger image. Throncrag is a really nice, secluded-feeling area. Though mountain bikes aren't allowed, one of the more technical trails there really made me want to start mountain biking again, something I stopped when I moved from NH to MA.