Saturday, July 29, 2006

MA to ME: One Year Later...

So, it's now been a year since I made my move back to Maine from Massachusetts. It amazes me that the year passed so quickly. Clearly the busier you are, the faster time flies.

"So, how as the year gone?" you may ask. Overall, things haven't been that bad. We had a really mild Winter here, which made things a lot easier in January certainly. I honestly never really found the weather to be a LOT different though, except that with all the greenery, it cools off at night here and in the city, not so much.

Well, at any rate, here are some of the details from the last year...

  • The products are still paying the bills, which is good.

  • I work too much, I need to take more time off to enjoy and explore the things around me, so that hasn't changed from before the move. I haven't been to the ocean yet this year (I know, what's with that?) though I'll be remedying that soon, and I haven't been hiking, among other things.

  • I've managed to get back to MA often enough to not feel totally detached (thanks Russ and Jess for the place to crash).

  • I no longer see enough Red Sox games, but hey, my friends are happier because they get the tickets I can't use.

  • I'm tired of renting, I really need to buy something, maybe when the current market settles.

  • I miss Red Bones, Blue Ribbon, East Asia and Ranc's.

  • My short commute (bedroom to computer room when I don't go into the office) means I don't get to drive my car enough, but hey, I save on gas. I also love having a garage again.

  • Ok, I never had much luck with the ladies in MA, but there are even fewer here... I need the kind of social circle I had before, but that's not an easy thing.

  • Thank god for instant messaging. It allows you to stay in touch with your friends constantly, without having to pick up a phone, or compose an entire email message.

  • I haven't done as much creatively as I had wanted, though PDFs of two of my projects are at

So there's my oh-so brief recap. Welcome year #2.


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